Image Source: Variety

After 15 years of providing the latest, comprehensive news coverage from all around the world, Google has given Google news a change to enhance the consumer experience.

The newer version of Google News begins with a "For You" section where the Top 5 stories of your interest will be displayed. Google enlists all the news and stories of your interest.

The other sections will take you to different sections of news like sports, technology or entertainment.

The new interactive visual format which is called newscasts uses natural language understanding to give a gallery of articles, images, and videos on one topic. This gives you the freedom of choice to grab the synopsis by checking different news sources.

Check out the exclusive video of the new stop for news by Google:-

Google News uses artificial intelligence to find the best of human intelligence. For more information check out this link.

Updated on May 16, 2018.

Google news is also now available for iOS.

Google announced last week in the I/O Conference 2018 about the Google News would be available in the App Store. Well, the wait is over as the Google News is live and replaced the old Google Newsstand app.