1. Google App “Lookout” Helps Blind To See

Image Source:CC

Google's newest app “Lookout” is going to help the blind see. Google publicized the app at its annual I/O developer conference this week. This app efficiently describes a scene through an android phone with the help of artificial intelligence and image recognition. People will need to simply hold their phones pointed to an outward direction or wear it on their necks with lanyards. The app can spot people, doors, and other hindrances. Currently, this app is in the testing phase and will be released later this year starting on Google’s Pixel Devices.

2. Indian Railways Will Use Artificial Intelligence To Serve Hygienic Food To The Passengers Indian Railways is always cursed for its food and catering services. Well, to combat the bad image they now plan to use artificial intelligence to serve hygienic food to its passengers. According to the release from the Press Information Bureau, the railways has armed 16 of its base kitchens with high definition CCTV to track anomalies, in real-time, during the cooking and packaging of meals. The camera feed is directed to an Artificial Intelligence module set up at the headquarters of its catering arm IRCTC.

3. Iron Man Actor Robert Downey Jr. To Host Artificial Intelligence Show On Youtube Red

Robert Downey Jr. creates a new web series all about artificial intelligence along with his wife Susan Downey. Iron Man actor will executive produce and host a new video series exclusively for the YouTube Red subscription service. The new, untitled web series will have 8, each an hour long, and will feature interviews with experts in science, technology, futurism, philosophy and entertainment about the current state of AI, and where it's headed. The series will also cover related fields, most likely robotics. Mrs. Downey says, "Robert and I share a curiosity for AI, a complicated and often polarizing subject," she added, "Our aim is to explore AI through a lens of objectivity and accessibility, in a thoroughly bold, splashy, and entertaining way."

4. Headless Robotic Dog SpotMini On Sale in 2019 Announces Boston Dynamics

Engineering and robotics design company Boston Dynamics is allegedly preparing for a 2019 commercial launch of its canine-like SpotMini bot. Company founder Marc Raibert says, “The SpotMini robot … is one that was motivated by thinking about something that could go in an office—in a more accessible place for business applications. Or in a home, eventually”.

At a robotics conference in California, Raibert announced that the slightly uncanny SpotMini was currently in pre-production and is scheduled for large-scale production and general availability from the middle of 2019. This headless dog weights 30kg and can operate up to 90 minutes between charges and is skilled of being driven semi-autonomously but can also navigate fully autonomously using its series of cameras.

5.AI Could Soon Help Scientists Determine Whether Other Planets Harbour Alien Life

According to researchers at the University of Plymouth in the UK, advances in artificial intelligence could soon help in predicting the possibility of life on other planets. Researchers at the Plymouth University used artificial neural networks (ANNs) to categorize planets into 5 types, estimating a likelihood of life in each case, which could be used in future interstellar exploration missions. Christopher Bishop, a PhD student at Plymouth University who led the study said, “We’re currently interested in these ANNs for prioritising exploration for a hypothetical, intelligent, interstellar spacecraft scanning an exoplanet system at range” he added “We’re also looking at the use of large area, deployable, planar Fresnel antennas to get data back to Earth from an interstellar probe at large distance. This would be needed if the technology us used in robotic spacecraft in the future.”