The fashion industry is advancing with time, so is the advanced technology in Artificial Intelligence. The fashion-AI mashup is not new as it has made its mark a few years back. According to a recent study by Arxiv, Adobe and the University of California have found a way to discover a style of one’s personality and generate images to match their style. Have we come a to a stage of an alternative to fashion designers?

AI in the Fashion Industry

Artificial intelligence is evolving in the USD 3 trillion industry. Chatbots being the most popular application to the top brands, the biggest brands in this industry have benefited after introducing AI-driven applications to their customers. For example, Nike launched an application which leveraged data from IoT devices to the AI assistant to motivate their consumers their consumers to become more athletic or sporty. The transition from a “cool sports brand” to a “performance partner” has reshaped the perception of their customers.

With the rise of more personalized clothing in demand, the fashion retailers have started making a move towards a perfect solution which caters to their customers’ requirements with not only offering them personalized clothing but delivering it within a few days instead of a few weeks. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it is understanding the initial key insights on the current trend and predict the demand based on the location.

To demonstrate this, a project called Reimagine Retail is on a roll which shows the AI capabilities to the retailers in terms of speed and educates the next generation retailers to equip the skill of AI in design. The team of Tommy Hilfiger and The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Infor Design and Tech Lab have made this possible and by giving access to IBM research to envision the possibilities.

What next?

There is a great scope for the success of AI in this industry: from predictive analysis to replacing the then business models, it can save the declining trillion dollar industry. The decline is due to the long lead times and short product cycles which resulted in discounted price. AI will get the best products that cater to the users’ demands and even help the fashion designers in a better decision making.

Enterprises similar to Stitch Fix will make their way as the “fashion-techs” are high on demand. It collects data and implements the predictive analysis to find trends. The algorithms select clothing series for customers based on criteria to customers’ desire and even foresees the trend for every season and which fashion would go out of style.

Our Verdict

Coming back to the question ”Can AI technology outsmart the fashion designers?”, yes!. The transition in reducing the workforce with the AI adoption is happening, the fashion designers must adapt to the current AI trend and make them better at their jobs which will make more productive in their profession.