Apple hosted its iPhone X event at the newly come-up 'Steve Jobs Theatre', and I couldn't wait to take a look at the immaculate architecture!

The all-new iPhone X, which sports face-recognition capacity, will become available in November. But what's interesting is to note that despite all the innovations and hype, Apple shares witnessed a slide post the Apple X event at Apple Park. Nevertheless, the Chinese market is still hot in adopting Apple products, given its government push for world domination in artificial intelligence (AI), the world's second-largest economy is well-prepared for a leap into Face ID-powered tech prosperity.

In another news, Researchers found that Google's AI has higher IQ than Apple's Siri. But Apple has worked on the iPhone X for five years, and to its credit, Apple said its primary focus was on user privacy, which may have initially hampered its efforts.

With the release of Apple’s latest flagship iPhone, however, it may finally have overtaken its rival in smartphone AI. With the addition of the A11 Bionic chip, which Apple calls “the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone,” the company has brought AI capabilities to the iPhone itself, foregoing the cloud.

And what more, at 20th Century Fox Studios Los Angeles, the Disability Rights Legal Cente (DRLC) presented Apple with its Business of the Year award. "We believe technology should be accessible to everyone and view it as a basic human right. True innovation is in how you transform people's lives", said Sarah Herrlinger, Apple's head of Accessibility programs.

The company also devotes stage time to accessibility technologies and how they benefit people in the real world. Because it's not just all about shiny new machine learning and artificial intelligence, social graphs and assistant algorithms. It's not just about the technology — it's about showing how the technology can make every life better, said DRLC, which was honoring that.

Here is a detailed look of the marvellous Steve Jobs Theatre.

Oh btw, Apple this week "acqui-hired" the team from, a startup that designed a smart assistant to allow customer service representatives to easily parse through and automate some interactions with users, reports TechCrunch. The startup focused on creating an AI with natural language processing and machine learning to analyze chat-based conversations between humans.