One thing that makes art inordinate - whether movies, TV shows or books is that it aims to teach us something about humanity. To facilitate this teaching purpose, one might sometimes need a teacher who is totally inhuman - That's exactly where a funny robot comes in.
Robots are not a new concept as we know, they have their origins rooted in ancient mythology. Many movie makers have used them as a foil to demonstrate humanity's inadequacies or immoralities, and sometimes even to crack jokes. This time we thought to keep it light, as we capture 7 most funny robots in movies who tempt us admire them even more.

Look At These 7 Most Funny Robot In Movies


WALL-E was introduced by Pixar Animation Studios in 2008. This robot is a Waste Allocation Load Lifter who seems to be damn lonely. Coming to his appearance, he has large eyes and spindly appendages, he somewhat looks like a machine from history but one of the cutest things to see. WALL-E doesn’t talk much but expresses his happiness or sorrows through a sequence of whistles, grunts, and high-pitched squeals. Check out one of the best scenes of WALL-E:

2. GIR

GIR, an animated character from “Invader Zim” which is a series on Nickelodeon. This cute little robot has red eyes and cyan coloured skin which occasionally sparks red. In the presence of humans, GIR wears a very cute green colour dog suit. GIR is a hyperactive and erratic robotic assistant to JIM, this little robot eats just about anything. Enjoy some awesome GIR moments:

3. Johnny 5

Johnny 5 is the main character in the movie “Short Circuit”. Johnny 5 is a friendly, naive, self-aware robot who was custom built for military use, but becomes damn emotional after receiving an electric shock. He renames himself as Johnny 5 after a radio song and hits the road in hunt of what it means to be human. Look at this hero:

*4. Fender *

A rusty red robot who has light brown eyes, and thin legs and arms. A jankier bag of bolts, fender isn’t exactly the pinnacle of technology, but despite lacking in design he makes up for it in general showmanship. Fender is a fierce friend to Rodney; this guy may be constantly falling apart but surely plays a big role in the movie. Here is one of Fender’s most funny moment:


TARS is from the movie Interstellar which wasn’t made on the funnier angle, but this robot surely adds a zest of comedy to it. TARS is one of four former U.S. Marine Corps tactical robots, his personality can be characterized as witty, sarcastic, and entertaining. Meet TARS:

6. Marvin

Marvin appeared in “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy”, he is a paranoid android programmed to be astoundingly intelligent but this makes him incurably depressed and bored. Using a robot as a major downer might seem to be an odd choice, but things turn out great when Marvin uses the so-called “Point-of-View Gun” to explode the bad people with bad vibes. The best of Marvin is right here:

7. Bender

Bender is a wise-cracking robot from “Futurama” the animated series. This robot drinks, smokes, gambles, loves fast cars and even faster women. He is an all-out anti-hero who is by no means a robotic role model. Bender robot will surely have you rolling on the floor with laughter time and time again. Here is the animated icon:

Few other honourable mentions are Robby the Robot, BMO, Baymax, Kryten, Alpha 5, B.E.N., and QT. In case you want to nominate your favourite funny robot here, don’t forget to drop us a comment.